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Reviews of Estrus Comics #6

Estrus 6

Read Rob Clough’s review here.

Read Rod Lott’s Bookgasm review here.

Estrus Comics #6: More Kiss and Tell Stories details MariNaomi’s
love life from 1984 to 1990, during which period she falls all-too-
swiftly for a variety of cads. Well, the guy who ends up going to
prison seems all right—other than, you know, the prison part—but I
don’t want to spoil the story for you. Clean, bold art with nicely
delineated characters is something I always appreciate. Even
though I don’t particularly like most of the characters, this is the
most engaging perzine/bio-comic I’ve read in some time.”

- Karlos, Zine World #27

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Reviews of Estrus Comics #5

“Jeffrey Brown once said that to make effective comics, you have
to write about stuff that you don’t want anyone to know.
MariNaomi does just that, telling short stories about her
experiences with dudes. Some recollections go back ten years, and
they are masterpieces that I wish were longer. I like reading about
disappointments and the learning that comes from them—especially
when they’re not mine.”

- Eric Nakamura, Giant Robot issue 51

“MariNaomi tells honest stories about her love life. Sometimes
they're sweet, sometimes painfully embarrassing...but they're so
genuine every time.”

- Briar Levit, Bitch Magazine

MariNaomi takes an amusing angle on the confessional comic,
telling various stories about the various relationships she's had
throughout her life. This ranges from childhood crushes to flings to
serious romances, and it's unsparing in detail, no matter how
embarrassing. What makes the comic work is Naomi's trenchant wit
and ability to shape a series of anecdotes into a kind of narrative.
The way she jumps around in time, providing a bit of disorientation
for the reader, is another key to making each story pop.”
- Rob Clough,, Favorite Comics of 2007

comic smoking

“With a bold cartooning style, San Francisco-based artist
MariNaomi chronicles her past relationships with boys – mostly
sexual – in the self-published ESTRUS COMICS. The current fifth
issue opens with a remembrance of a “I’ll show you mine if…”
incident with a male babysitter; when she sees his penis, rainbows
and butterflies swirl about the room. Later, she plays “marriage”
with boys on her street, gets disgusted administering her first
blowjob (”What are those things under his balls?! Dingleberries!
Can’t he reach that far when he wipes?!”), loses her virginity and
gives in to butt sex. It all sounds prurient, but it’s not
pornographic, and MariNaomi is too smart to not slather a layer of
knowing humor on top.”

- Rod Lott, Bookgasm

Read the Comics Reporter review here.

Read the Daily Crosshatch review here.

estrus 5

Reviews of Estrus Comics #4

For a laugh, check out MariNaomi’s comic ‘Recipe for Disaster,
which hits a little too close to home for the culinarily challenged
- Utne Reader 2006

““I love getting comix in the mail, especially when they are good,
and Estrus Comics by MariNaomi is certainly no exception...While
most self exposing autbio comix can be very embarrassing to read
and somewhat tedious, filled with nauseating naval gazing, Mari
knows this and pokes fun at her own misfortune making for a really
entertaining read...I hate the term of a comic being a good one to
show to your girlfriend, but its kinda true with this one. The
strength is how relate-able her work is. Mari has a great minimal
cartoony style, making great use of some solid blacks, and strong
inks. For the skeptical reader looking for some kind of artistic
comparison to base opinion on, I would say there is definitely a
flavour of Mary Fleener, which equals goodness to me.

Also included in this collection, is her story from the Pet Noir
anthology, which was actually my fav from the book, so it’s a nice
inclusion. Over all, it’s a great self-published collection that
promises for more awesomeness in the future.”
- Robin McConnell, Inkstuds

MariNaomi avoids going the woe is me route while telling stories
of her romantic life experiences. Instead, she looks at the
humorous and absurd side of love and relationships all the way
from kindergarten to present day. The innocence of first kisses,
awkward teenage sexual experiences and post 9/11 hippy
boyfriends are all covered in the 20 pages that make up the first
half of this issue. While she focuses more on the let downs shes
had to endure, you get the feeling that shes laughing at most of
these experiences with you .
.. All said, Estrus Comics is a fun,
well-told comic.
- Broken Pencil 2006

[Estrus is] a diverse collection of stories, and I highly recommend it.”
- 2006

“The bulk of this comic recounts a handful of author MariNaomi’s
romantic mishaps, beginning in kindergarden. Some focus on small
amusing moments; others give clipped overviews of an entire
relationship. They’re all pretty funny and easy to relate to. As for
the art—at its best it is quite terrific, hinting at primitive and
Etruscan influences (think Modigliani or, closer David B.)...”
- Punk Planet

“Professionally printed with a shiny, glossy full-cover cover, Estrus
Comics #4
is a swanky looking book from someone who’s published
pretty extensively and done autobio work for a number of
years...All in all, I really enjoyed reading this comic; MariNaomi’s
got a very bold drawing style that doesn’t use a great deal of
white space, but her composition is very clear and her narrative
pacing is really catchy, and I highly recommend it.”
- Xerography Debt

“The subject matter—coming-of-age stories about sex and love
lost—is quite personal, but somehow universal. Hey, we were all
stupid teenagers once.”
- Zine World

 * * * * *

Early Reviews of Estrus Comics

estrus 3

“Estrus 3 is ... really thought provoking ... a little heavy and a tad
depressing ... I wonder if I really delved into my psyche if I could
write about this kind of personal material or if I would be too
frightened and retreat back to my more familiar light entertainment.”
- Omnibus of Fun

“Mari is ... unafraid to break conventional panel & page layout and
does so to fine effect ... Good reading if you enjoy
autobiographical comics.”

- Indy Magazine

“This is worth checking out!”
- Zine World

* * * * *

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